peetapainter ASKED:
That's not what I was going for when I said that they're on facebook. It's just the people are sort of awful in general haha.

No no. I understand what you meant, but…can’t everyone love the series without being judged because of how they act? Hahaha. I mean. Books are books and everyone reads and reacts differently. 

I just don’t like when people are put down because they read the books recently, or are deemed as posers and are only reading it because they think it’s cool, because everyone’s different and you can’t predetermine the worth of the series to every person. Hahaha. But that’s just me. (:

    1. peetapainter said: Trust me I’m glad that they’re reading it because they don’t read usually but it was just a personal statement on my blog that wasn’t meant to get any reblogs they had just talked shit about the series before and now I’m getting hate for it.
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