roommates :)

catching fire meme || 2/3 scenes from page to screen.

"Stay with me." As the tendrils of sleep syrup pull me down, I hear him whisper a word back, but I don’t quite catch it.

I miss you :(

can we skype soon?


make me choose:74th or 75th arena (asked by amuty)

Tick Tock, it’s a clock.

coming up on six months of bali life!

Anonymous ASKED:
You were one of the first blogs I followed, and you've made my tumblr experience very enjoyable! You are hilarious and beautiful and an amazing person to follow! So yes, I'm still here :) Keep blogging <3

Gah, that’s so sweet! Thank you!!!

I’ll always come back to Tumblr, I think. It’ll just be after a few breaks here and there! (:

i haven’t properly been on tumblr in months and you all still follow me

like, in the last six months that i’ve not been on, i’ve only lost like 100 followers

well thanks :)

I am dying to get to know you.

i’m in malaysia